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(54 11) 4686 3008


Advisory, Development and Consulting Services

On active ingredientes, biomolocules and controlled release systems, as well as on processes and finished products.

Quality Control Procedures for Third Parties

Research and tests on finished products and determinación of active ingredients.

About us

We are a biotechnological company from argentina, with a focus on research, development, production and sales of active ingredientes and controlled release systems. Our tasks lead us to become strategic providers of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, veterinary, dentistry and food sector.


Our products are produced and controlled according to international market standards. For this we use basic raw materials of excellent quality, the result of the extraordinary biodiversity that surrounds us.

Let’s talk

We believe in quality, innovative, safe and efficient products.

Where we are

1872 Cafayate st.
Zip Code C1440FLP
The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Phone/Fax ( 54 11) 4686 3008 – 24 hs

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