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Creative, comprehensive and professional consulting services, accompanying our customer at each challenge and development. Over 25 years of experience and growth in the raw materials sector as an asset to show that we can accomplish the highest quality standards.

We outsource finished products and raw materials tests for cosmetics, food, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical and veterinary products. We develop professional, ethical, tangible and confidential solutions for our customers, according to each need and objective to be achieved.

Advisory, Development and Consulting

On active ingredients, biomolecules and controlled release systems, as well as on processes and finished products.

Quality control procedures for third parties

Trials and tests on finished products and determination of actives.

Service Catalog

UV-VIS Absorbance
Absence of amphetamines in supplements
Antiseptic capacity
Organoleptic properties
Ashes-Hygienic control
Microbiology test by Petri plates
Product development
Product development+stability
Determination of aflatoxins
Determination of glycolic acid
Determination of aloin
Determination of calcium
Determination of citronella
Determination of chlorophylle

Determination of formol
Determination of glycosaminoglycans
Determination of glucose
Determination of heavy metals
Determination of nytrogen and/or proteins
Determination of pesticides
Determination of polyphenols ( Folin)
Determination of safranal
Determination of silica
Determination of sodium
Determination of pH
Physical chemical determination
Doping free in supplements
Tightness testing in recepients
Qualitative determination of gluten

Quantitative determination of gluten
Stability of finished products
In vitro liberation test
Determination of alcohol content
Identification and quantification of active ingredients
Refractive index
CP4 free ( transgenic free)
Dry residue
Nutrition label+ Saturated fatty acids
Complexometric tritations

Let’s talk

We believe in quality, innovative, safe and efficient products.

Where we are

1872 Cafayate st.
Zip Code C1440FLP
The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Phone/Fax ( 54 11) 4686 3008 – 24 hs

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